Take a visit to China through the Nature Labs video: China’s Great Forests: What the Giant Panda and Earth’s Climate Share. Complete the Viewers Guide as you watch the video.

Students in a primary classroom (Gr. 2-3) can visit a farm without leaving their homes. Learn from a farming family how a dairy farm brings you milk from the barn to the store. Use the worksheet to guide your learning.

I am redesigning my edSelect site. It has been a long time coming. Blog posts will highlight topical teaching ideas and research links for elementary and secondary students. The blog links will be catalogued on subject specific pages by grade and topic for future access. The basis for the sorting will be based on the Ontario, Canada curriculum as this is that I know best. This however, does not limit my visitors to appropriate sites as education transcends boarders. This will be a work in process. I hope you like the new look. It has always been a passion of mine to support teachers with the delivery of timely topics and links with meaningful explanations and to support student learning with a few clicks to at level resources.

Please continue to check back to see the progress and to support the learners in your care.