Homeschooling- Ontario Parents

With the continued lockdowns due to Covid19, parents are looking for good online resources for their children. There are so many resources available that I am sure that you are overwhelmed. I will gather some resources to access for you that can take the pressure off your shoulders. My focus will be free resources. Often sites offer introductory free resources but hook you into subscribing. That is not all bad. If you find a site that you like the fee could be well worth your sanity.

What should your Ontario students be learning?

> Ontario Curriculum Checklists – Select by grade.
You can join The Canadian Homeschooler Learning Centre for free to access other resources. Their selection is limited but it is good Canadian content:
– History
– Geography
– Government
and More…

A good site for free worksheets is K5 Learning. The people who put this site together value access to strong curriculum resources. The Comprehension Worksheets are leveled. Click up or down a grade to find the perfect fit for your child. The perfect fit will support their learning growth. Before long they will be reading at grade level. Go with the flow.

Reading Levels Simply Explained

Reading levels can be a mystery to parents. Strategic assessment of word selection, sentence length, and type determine the levels. Different publishing companies have concocted their own categories. Most Ontario teachers use the Fountas and Pinnell Guided Reading Levels as their instructional guide. Scholastic has put together a quick Leveled Reading Guide to correlate the different systems publishers use to sort their books.

Leveled Books to look for:

Check your bookshelves at home to find titles for your child to read at their reading level. If you purchase books from the Scholastic program at your school you probably have some of these titles already at your fingertips.
The Best Children’s Books

The measured mom has a very accessible description of the different levels of books that are probably on your home bookshelves. Good information for when you purchase books for your child to read on their own.