PBS Learning Media- The Green Room-Shakespeare

Online student activity
Learning Objectives:
Learn about the areas on the proscenium stage and recognize the different body positions an actor uses on the stage. Understand the director of a play chooses the best actor for a role based on auditions and act as a director to cast Romeo and Juliet.

Book Award Winners for 2012

The ALA has announced the award winners for The Newbery, Caldecott and other awards.



Free educational videos, organized.
Imagine hundreds of thousands of great short videos, and other media, explaining every topic taught to school kids. Imagine them rated and sorted into a giant Directory, making them simple to find. WatchKnowLearn is a non-profit online community devoted to this goal. 31628 videos and counting.
WatchKnow explained

Virtual Global Taskforce

Videos for parents and classroom use. Watch 'Lee & Kim's Adventure' video for 5-7 and the 'Jigsaw' video for 8-10 year olds about cyber safety. There are videos appropriate for high school students as well.

Canadian Teacher Magazine

An online magazine for Canadian teachers. This site provides you with classroom resources and programs, product links, inforamtion about opportunities to teacher overseas. Look for the print copy in your school. One FREE copy is sent to all English speaking schools in Canada. Extra copies can be ordered.
Read the current issue or back issues online.
Read about how and when to submit an article for publication.

Sir John A Day, January 11, 2011

SirJADay.ca is a site that provides lesson plans, a Sir John A. timeline, video lectures that can support the history curriculum or a celebration of Sir John A Macdonald's Jan. 11 birthday. Grade 5+. Grade 8 Ontario teachers will like this site.



Make your own virtual snowflake. You can add it to the gallery.

I Am Canada - Fiction series for 9-12 year olds

Here are some suggested titles for 9-12 year olds on your Christmas shopping list. I Am Canada
This adventure series will no doubt interest boys. This is a new series from the creators of the Dear Canada series

  • Prisoner at Dieppe written by Hugh Brewster
  • Blood and Iron written by Paul Yee
  • Shot at Dawn written by John Wilson
  • Deadly Voyage written by Hugh Brewster

You will also find on this site- Book Excerpts, Discussion Guides, Videos and Activities

Flashcard Machine

You can create flashcards without registering, but you can register for free to have access to create and share flashcards. (Donations are accepted) You can search for flashcards made by fellow educators. When you create your flashcard set, you have the option to share or not share you flashcard set. Be sure to label your flashcard set so they are searchable.

100 Scope Notes - Children's Literature News and Reviews

Travis Jonker, an elementary school librarian posts his Top 20 Children's Books for 2011. Domr great picks for you library shelf.

How one teacher uses SMART boards to entice students to be 'part of the show'

Watch this short video clip to see students engage in learning through SMART board technology.

Fewer Ontario students say "they like to read"

CTV news ran a story about the decline in students who like to read. Teacher-librarians and librarians can help students regain the love of reading.
There are two reports on this link. Listen to the second report. Annie Kidder, Executive Director with People for Education in Ontario supports the need for a teacher-librarian in every school.

Fewer children read for pleasure

CBC reports that fewer children are reading for pleasure in Ontario Canada. Teacher-librarians can help improve this problem. Click on the reading for fun link to meet some students and Diana Maliszewski, the teacher-librarian at Agnes McPhail Elementary School.

Caroline Kennedy to Libarians: 'Your work is truly life changing'.

Caroline Kennedy was the keynote speaker at Carnegie Corporation of New York/New York Times I Love My Librarian Award Ceremony.  Read her address.
Perhaps the press school librarians are getting will turn the tide for a more literate population.

Teaching Kids the News

Teaching Kids the News - With a world and Canadian focus. Written by: Jonathan Tilly is an elementary school teacher with The Toronto District School Board. Joyce Grant is a veteran freelance journalist and editor. Kathleen Tilly is a teacher with the Toronto District School Board.
Teachers - Curriculum Connections with every article help you build an instant lesson plan. Click on Full Article at the end of each article for teaching ideas.

Parents - Engage your kids with timely, relevant and appropriate news articles.
Kids - Check TKN daily to find out what's happening in your world.
English as a Second Language (ESL) - Our simplified vocabulary articles offer news you'll find interesting and helpful.
How to use this site (grades 2-8)

Notice to Video Conference Users: Read Around the Planet Opens Today - please read on---

Read Around the Planet is a celebration of reading using videoconference technology. It is designed to
promote reading and opportunities for classroom videoconference collaborations. TWICE, Michigan’s
K12 Videoconference Organization, sponsors the activity. Funding to support this project is provided by
Polycom. Read Around the Planet is a celebration of NEA’s Read Across America as well as World Book
TWICE provides the

registration tool, matches classrooms with partners, and supplies support
documents. Participating classrooms are responsible for their own video connections and developing their
own reading activities for the event.
This activity is open to all K-12 students in public and private schools who have access to two-way interactive standards-based H.323 videoconferencing (NOT Skype). If you are unsure whether or not you have access to this type of equipment, or school's technology coordinator. Some companies that make standards-based videoconferencing equipment and software include Polycom, Cisco-Tandberg, LifeSize, Sony, Mirial and Vtel.
Read the Flyer for more details.
School coordinator important information- Flyer 1, Flyer 2

Online Message Boards

There are many curriculum applications for the following links.

Graphic Organizers for Using Reading Strategies

An extensive collection of graphic organizers sorted by Before reading, During reading, and After reading.
Print ready.

Great Source- I Write

Visit the links to Great Source- I Write. You will find the writing forms explained with tutorials, graphic organizers and lesson plans. Check out the links for educators, students, and parents.

Research writing presents information on a topic and records where the information comes from. Here you'll find help for writing a research paper.

Response to Literature
A response to literature examines the theme, plot, characters, or other aspects of a chapter, story, book, or poem. Here you'll find help for writing a variety of papers in response to literature.
Check out the tutorial on how to get started.
Learn how to create the common types of writing assignments. Step-by-step instructions with graphic organizers are included.

Use the Grammar Handbook to edit your writing. the handbook includes:

  • Punctuation
  • Mechanics
  • Using the right word
  • Parts of speech
  • Understanding sentences

The Writing Process is explained.
The Six Traits of Effective Writing
Rules for Feedback are outlined with response form included.
Links to Publish Your Writing

Similar Site Search

Have some fun with this search engine. Enter a site into the Search Field and find similar sites.

Discovery Education

I have revisited Discovery Education, and wow what a treasure trove of resources for the classroom for K-12 teachers. A portion of the site is a pay for use set of online resources that would be purchased at the district level however, there are many free resources available for teachers, parents and students.
Use the menus to access a variety of ready-to-use resource links.

  • Hover over the Teacher menu at the top of the page to select lessons for Grades:  K-5, 6-8, 9-12.
  • When you select a grade range you will have access to a Global Fun Fact, Brain Boosters (a great question each day for 'board work' when students enter the class in the morning), Worksheets to go, and lesson plans.
  • You can cursor down to the bottom of the page for an easy access menu of all Free Resources for Teachers, Parents, and Students
  • You will find a link to Kathy Schrock's fabulous site that lists links for teachers and students.

More Teacher Learning Community Simple K12 Webinars

Simple K12 is offering free webinars over the next few weeks. Topics include: Multimedia Slideshows, Jump Start Your Digital Footprint, Online Activities for Younger Students, Twitter for Beginners, Google +: Guide for Educators, Livebinders, Diigo, Use your iPad to Share Resource, Collaborate and Eliminate Paperwork, Overcome Your Technophobia, Flip your classrom with online discussions, Using the app Remoter with your iPad, Digital Storytelling with your iPad, Supporting Bloom's Taxonomy in a digital world.

Early Primary Phonemic Awareness Activities

I have been exploring phonemic awareness in early primary grades and I came across this Reading Teaching article: Supporting phonemic awareness development in the classroom written by Hallie Kay Yopp and Roth Helen Yopp (Oct 2000). Not only is it a great read but if outlines a number of classroom ready activities with picture book supports. A must read for kindergarten, grade one teachers and teacher-librarians.

TED Talk by Dr. Joyce Valenza: "See Sally Research"

Dr. Joyce Valenza delivers an entertaining and reflective talk about research done in our classes and libraries over time. Teachers and teacher-librarians (Media Library Specialists) will enjoy this talk. I sure did.
YouTube access.


Kidblog.org is designed for elementary and middle school teachers who want to provide each student with their own, unique blog. Kidblog's simple, yet powerful tools allow students to publish posts and participate in discussions within a secure classroom blogging community. Teachers maintain complete control over student blogs.


More SimpleK12 Free Webinars for Teachers

Scroll down the SimpleK12 Webinar Page to locate a series of free webinars offered for teachers on Sat. Sept. 24th. Register for any or all of the following webinars:
Own Your Classroom: The Business of 21st Century Teaching
Jump Start Your Digital Footprint
Online Activities for Younger Students
Twitter for Beginners: The Basics of Setting Up Your PLN
The Google+ Guide for Educators
Keep Yourself Organized with LiveBinders
Organize and Share Your Favourite Sites with Diigo




The mission of this site is to promote the conservation of the world's threatened species.
Use the Explore ARKive tab at the top of the page to access Species Groups, Eco-Regions,  Geography

The New York Times Learning Network- Reading Strategies for Informational Text

A go to site for graphic organizers that can be used with news items in daily newspapers. You will find great links to preselected text. This site is also a treasure trove of many quality links to support literacy in in your classroom.

Pro | Con Lists

Sign-up for free, to use this online tool (Pro | Con Lists) to make more informed decisions by weighting the positives and negatives of a topic. This tool could be used as a debate topic is being explored.

Jack Layton's last letter

Jack Layton's last letter to Canadians
Canada mourns the loss of a great political leader and a wonderful man that has left an indelible mark on Canada's political landscape and in the hearts of many. He leaves us with a vision for our future in his letter to all Canadians. He concludes his letter with these words:
"My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world."
Jack Layton
More of Jack Layton's words in poster form.

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